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Some Of The Services To Go Along With The Products We Offer...


We provide advice and implementation assistance on all aspects of our software including both hardware and software. Providing you with a turnkey solution that will ensure a successful launch of your project.

System Setup

Right from the beginning we offer system setup and integration for a seamless transition to our solution ensuring the tools you need are fast and reliable.

Product Knowledge

Our trained technicians will be there to guide and train you from inception to complete finished implementation with vast knowledge on the inner workings of our software.

Some Of Our Valued Clients

How About Our Unparalleled Support...

Technical Support is provided on all our software packages via our wholly based offices in North America our support includes assistance via phone, email, online and onsite. Our support provides extensive assistance not only in regards to technical issues associated with our software but also consultancy on best practices in implementing those solutions.

We can integrate flags with most types of ERP systems enabling the seamless passage of data between both systems ensuring a clear view of production status. We also integrate with most electronic devices such as torque testers, NDT equipment, measuring devices providing critical data on each vehicle at all times.

We provide complete system set up assistance on all aspects of your project. From project planning, through set up of checklist and images we ensure your system is running to provide you with optimal value. As data is collected we design reports and data packages that provide the data you need to ensure your projects success.


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The Interax Group Inc. is a provider of software solutions and consulting services to meet the requirements of all sectors of service and manufacturing industries

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