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The Interax Group Inc. is a provider of software solutions and consulting services to meet the requirements of all sectors of industries in North America. Since Interax Group was founded in 1995, we have provided software solutions to various sectors of business, manufacturing, healthcare and government. Our approach is to bring simple, easy-to-use solutions that quickly enable organizations to manage sophisticated processes.

At Interax, we provide two software solutions, both of which enable companies to manage the challenges of continuous improvement  and quality, increasing productivity and ultimately improving profitability:

Our FLAGS software focuses on providing manufacturers with the ability to log issues identified during production.  Clients can choose to utilize checklists, digital images or a combination of the two via Windows tablets, static kiosk stations or even by integrating into your own measuring devices. By collecting real-time online data, FLAGS provides live feedback. This produces a wealth of information, via reports, alerts, and online notifications enabling action to be taken quickly and precisely while minimizing rework and repair.

Our second software package is Paradigm 3.  Paradigm 3 addresses the challenges of compliance management for quality, safety and environmental regulations.  It performs as an “out of the box” solution for areas such as document control, corrective action, training management, and vendor tracking, but it can also be customized to suit more specific quality and business needs.

In all cases technical support and training is provided as a personalized service from our offices in North America. This allows us provide help with technical issues in regards to our software but also draws on our extensive experience on how best to personalize and utilize our software in your environment ensuring a successful implementation.

In 21 years of operation Interax has provided software and services via our 2 software packages to numerous organizations large and small, including well known businesses such as Amtrak, Pace industries, Komatsu, Malibu boats, Mayo Clinic, Georgia forensic lab, Toronto District School Board, US Army Test Lab, Florida Dept. of Agriculture and many more!

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