flagsQIS provides a clear picture of current issues through your production cycle identifying current status of WIP, type and location of issues per part or assembled vehicle or other product, and status of all assembly stations.


By providing real time information, alerts and reporting enables quick concise action to be taken to resolve any issue therefore reducing rework and scrap. The use of standardized logging tools greatly assists in analysis of repetitive issues and also provides a baseline for your six sigma type projects.


flagsQIS gives engineering a solid basis for design changes and modifications which can be based on accurate data provided from our system which identifies areas of weakness and opportunities for improvement.


Our software can integrate with any of your legacy software to create a completely integrated system that would provide information such as missing parts to purchasing, status of ongoing production, real time workflow times per station and any variance from expected performance.

Lean Manufacturing

Flags provides accurate data that enables opportunities for improvement to be identified, developed and implemented based on facts. Our software then gives you a solid base against which to quantify the improvements made.

Dealer Management

flagsQIS dealer management web portal enables all dealers to enter any issues utilizing a unique access code via an easy to use web portal. This portal enables that data to be transmitted real time into your customer support system and also into your shop floor flagsQIS system instantly notifying assigned personnel of a potential problem.



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